What is Intergroup?

The purpose of Intergroup is to assist the groups in providing information about Alcoholics Anonymous to the AA community and to members of the public. This assistance is provided by a Central Office, which is operated by Intergroup, and by several Intergroup Outreach Committees. These subcommittees are responsible for carrying the message to various community groups, organizations and professional bodies as well as for overseeing some of the operations of Intergroup.

The AA groups in the Lower Mainland cooperate in providing centralized services to all the groups within the area. These services are maintained by a service committee called Intergroup, which is directly responsible to the AA groups. Intergroup is financed by contributions from the groups within the area, each of which may elect a representative to attend Intergroup meetings. These meetings are held on a monthly basis on the third Tuesday of the month at 3022 E.49th (Near Kerr) in Vancouver and are open to all AA members, although only elected group representatives may vote on business matters. For meeting information see Find a Meeting.

The Intergroup Committee elects nine members of an Operating Committee and ensures that Intergroup and its subcommittees function as outlined in the Greater Vancouver Intergroup Operating Procedures and Guidelines manual as well as in accordance with the 12 Traditions.

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Needed for spring: permanent part time special worker to cover weekends, sick days & holidays.  Details of the job are included in the    Greater Vancouver Intergroup Procedures and Guidelines

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