Operating Committee

The Operating Committee members are the legal directors of the Greater Vancouver Intergroup Society. The Committee consists of nine elected members of Alcoholics Anonymous including three officers: Chair, 1st & 2nd Vice Chairs, plus the office manager should the Society choose to have such a position filled. The Officers are elected from the outgoing members of Operating Committee in February.

The members are elected by vote of the Group Representatives at the annual meeting of the Intergroup Committee–February 14, 2017. All members of the Operating Committee shall have an equal voice and vote. The committee appoints a recording secretary who has no voice or vote on the Operating Committee. Members of the Operating committee hold office for a term of 12 months.

Meetings of the Operating Committee are held monthly on the Thursday before the Intergroup meeting.

Operating Committee members in their capacity as liaison to subcommittees ensure that the subcommittees follow the procedures and guidelines and that they comply with the Twelve Traditions.